Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Shelley Marshell Presents: The Full Bawdy Comedy Show!

Hey There Pearls!

Live at The Pearl Company on Saturday April 26 is the Full Bawdy Comedy Show. This show is amazing, enough said! After having so many successful past shows with this group we cannot wait for them to come back to grace the stage once again. Here is just a bit about this show.

Shelley Marshall, world-renowned Comedienne and winner of Hamilton`s 2013 Best Local Theater Production View Magazine for her One Woman Show " Hold Mommy's Cigarette", brings another production of the edgy and irreverent THE FULL BAWDY COMEDY SHOW back to The Pearl Company. TFBCS is an ALWAYS SOLD OUT vaudevillian variety show that celebrates the diversity of comedy through Music, Burlesque, Stand-up, Circus and more! Featuring original material from the funniest and raciest Stars this country (and beyond) has to offer. The show has featured some of the creamiest of the Canadian Funny crop such as: Nikki Payne and Debra Digiovanni both Canadian Comedy Award and Gemini Winners; Canadian Comedy Award Winner's: Sandra Battaglini and Christele Bartalese; Fringe Festival winners: Ginger St James and Robin Benedict; Juno Award Winner Lori Yates and many more! Come with an open mind, an you'll leave with a Full Heart!

The line up for the upcoming show (April 26) is as follows:
Shelley Marshall,
Hosting: Erin and Nara
Musical Guest: Ginger St James
Brulesque: "The Lady Josephine from Montreal"
Stand-up: Lianne Mauladin ( Appeared recently on The View!)
Special Guest: Phil Luzi

Tickets are being sold for $25 or $20 for groups of six or more! This show contains ADULT CONTENT!! You can e-mail the Pearl Company to hold a ticket (Cash Only! Pay at the door) or buy your ticket online. The show will be starting at 8:00 pm with doors opening at 7:00 pm. Get your tickets now so that you don't miss out!

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

DATES ADDED: Shelley Marshall's Hold Mommy's Cigarette

Hey there Pearls!

For those of you who were unable to make it to this past weekends show of Hold Mommy's Cigarette, or if you just want to see it again. This is for you! Due to tickets having sold so well, Shelley has decided that she will do TWO (2) MORE PERFORMANCES! The shows will be next Friday 18th and Saturday 19th. This funny, haunting, self-revealing one-woman show has already proven itself to be a crowd-pleaser. If you haven't all ready seen it from this past weekend or when it ran last year at The Lyric theater, then it is definitely time you did! As Shelley points out, you will come away with a (very) full heart. Just a reminder that this show does contain MATURE CONTENT. The doors will be open at 7:30 pm and the show will start at 8pm. Tickets are $25 General Admission.

For more information about this fabulous show check out the past posts or go to The Pearl Company Website . We love seeing you guys here, so make sure you get your tickets now!

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Cara Luft

Hey there Pearls!

Coming up live at The Pearl we have the wonderful and gifted Cara Luft performing on April 13. You may know of her as one of The Wailin' Jenny's. We are very excited to be having her grace our stage on that night. Here is a bit about who she is.

Cara Luft is a Juno award winning singer-songwriter-guitarist extraordinaire and a rare musician who is steeped in folk and traditional roots music almost from birth. She is willing to alter the fabric, push boundaries and fearlessly shape, and blend genres and styles. Folk heroine Luft has definitely earned her solid reputation as one of Canada`s finest live performers whose engaging, down-home style comes wrapped in a warm and delicious sense of humor.

Cara is a person who belongs on stage, so you really don`t want to miss this show! The doors will be opening at 7:30 pm and the show will be staring at 8:00 pm. Tickets are $15 to general, and $10 for students, seniors, and artists of all stripes.

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Friday, 21 March 2014

Shelly Marshall's : Hold Mommy's Cigarette

Hey there Pearls!

Coming up in April is Shelly Marshall's hit show , Hold Mommy's Cigarette! It is showing from April 10th to April 13. This show is phenomenal! If you've seen this show before or any of the other shows that Shelly Marshall has written and/ or performed in than you know that she only ever brings her "A- game". This show is defiantly no exception! Here is a bit about Hold Mommy's Cigarette.

Shelly Marshall presents, The Award Winning Production "Hold Mommy's Cigarette". One Woman's story of an unfiltered life, written and performed by Shelly Marshall, Directed by Linda Kash. It seems appropriate that world renowned Comedienne, Marshall would open her years autobiographical One Woman Show in the city where the story and star were born. It took 10 years for Marshall to create this Play and it is the rewarding result of resilience, recovery, and reflection while exploring the many genres of performance including elements of clown, stand up, improv, buffoon, and play. Shelly Marshall takes her audience many places; " I take them on an adventure, both emotionally and visually. There is no denying that my story is tragic, but it's my story and time exploitation of what has happened in my life, but rather an acceptance of where it may lead. It is a dark comedy, a vulnerable piece about my life, mental illness and survival." Marshall reveals with a smile. She invites you to come to her show with an open mind and promises you'll leave with a full heart.

This event is for all ages, I warn you now, it does contain "Mature Content". All the shows will start at 8:00 pm and doors will open at 7:30 pm , except for Sunday April 13th which will start at 2:00 pm. Tickets are being sold for $25 to everyone. Be sure to get here early to get great seats!!!

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

HamilTEN Festival!!

Hey there Pearls!

Get ready, because live at the Pearl Company is The HamilTEN Festival!! Now on it's THIRD year, the plays have just gotten better as we go along! Here is a bit about the HamilTEN Festival.

The HamilTEN is a festival of eight (8) ten (10) minute plays by playwrights from Hamilton and the surrounding areas. As many know, a ten minute play is a streak of theatrical lightning. It may not last long on stage, but it definitely hits its mark! This festival has something for everyone; a little drama, a tinkle of comedy (ha ha, see what I did there?) with a bit of madness to tie it all together. All the plays are featured at each performance, so don't worry about missing anything.

This is going to be a fantastic weekend that you definitely don't want to miss!!

The show times are:
Friday, April 4 @ 8pm
Saturday April 5 @ 8pm
Sunday April 6 @ 2 pm

Tickets are being sold for $15 and $10 for all students, and all artists. Tickets will be made available at the door (CASH ONLY!!!).

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Carlos del Junco and The Blues Mongrels

Hey there Pearls!

Get ready to trash all you thought that you knew about the harmonica because the Pearl Company is proud to present... Carlos del Junco and The Blues Mongrels on Saturday March 29, 2014! Bringing a beautiful blend of classic styles of music it's truly an event you don't want to miss! Here is a bit about who they are:

Carlos is one of those players whose music is so advanced that when it comes to awards, it's either retire that category or rephrase the question to  "Best Harmonica Player Not Named Carlos". As the Eight time Harmonica Player of The Year at the Maple Leaf Blues Awards, it's clear that he has some MAJOR skill! Simultaneously Sophisticated and raw, the band's playing blurs the boundaries between blues and jazz. The emphasis is on blues, but they are not afraid to merrily traipse off in other directions delivering a seamless fusion of New Orleans second line grooves, jazz swing, Latin, hip-hop, or ska melodies, to swampy roots rock. The Blues Mongrels are: bassist Henry Heillig (founded the nine piece Latin band Manteca), and Guitarist Eric St. Laurent. The Blues Mongrels delivers a no-holds-barred display of fun and melodic virtuosity. "...a model of focus and urgency... a true virtuoso... Brad Wheeler - The Globe and Mail.

 If you have ever made any kind of music with a harmonica, and yes I do include when you were a kid and goofed around with one, than you won't want to miss what this group can do!! It is a great way to spend an evening , with or without the kids (although you may end up wishing that you had left them when they suddenly decide they want to play the harmonica as well..). Get your tickets now so that you won't miss out on such a memorable night! Tickets will be sold for $20 in advance and $25 at the front door! The doors open at around 7:30 pm and the show should be starting at around 8:00 pm.

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Lori Yates featuring Buckshot Bebee & Duane Rutter

Hey there Pearls,

With me today I have Canadian powerhouse, Lori Yates, live at the Pearl Company March 22. She will be teaming up with Duane Rutter (acoustic guitar), Steve Wood (pedal steel), Michael Hickey (stand up bass), Andrew Aldridge and Nick Burson (percussion). This night is going to be jam packed with some amazing music that you won't want to miss!! Here is just a bit about who Lori is.

"She's pulling herself up by the bra straps, out of the honky-tonks and into the soft-seaters!" ONE NIGHT ONLY! Veteran singer/songwriter Yates brings her contagious spirit, her finely crafted songs, her glorious voice, and her charismatic stage presence to her first appearance at the Pearl Company. Having written with such legendary songwriters as Guy Clark, Colin Linden, and Don Schlitz (among others), award-winning Yates has completely won the hearts of Hamilton Audiences since her move here in 2002. As one of the pioneers of "alt-country" long before the phrase existed here in Canada, she has 6 CD's to her credit; she's signed with major labels (Sony, Virgin) and been an indie artist. What defines her most is her total unwavering commitment to her craft. Lori is also a successful promoter & host for her sold-out shows; "Johnny Cash- the Original Punk', and "Your Good Girls Gonna Go Bad". She is also the creator of the new and wildly popular Creative Genius Songwriting Workshops.

Doors will be opening at 7:30 pm and the show will be starting up at 8:00 pm. Get here early so you can get a great seat! Tickets will be sold for $20 to all guests.

Until Next Time!

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